About me

My name is Irina Fetzer.
aboutme_01I was born and raised in the south of Germany, where my father was a pilot at the german airforce. In my twenties i moved to Berlin where I was finishing my A-Level through evening classes (well it was a fullday school) and working in different customer and service oriented jobs. One of my ideas when i was finishing my A-Level was studying marinebiology, but this would have, as I realized, contained a diving training which was, at this time, no option for me.

After attending a digital media designer training I „ended up“ setting up websites and managing the projects of the agency i was working for.
Diving itself came very late into my life.

The Beginning

2007 I took the plunge and dared to do a DSD in Egypt where i spent some days with my partner Georg. It was nice… but not infectious. Another two years later I was in a mood to challenge my abilities to fight my fears. I attended a Open Water Course in Berlin and the Baltic Sea. Another try in a cold blurry lake and i was ready for my first diving-included holiday which led me to Big Corn Island in Nicaragua with a friend of mine. More diving in 2010, the Advanced Open Water followed (german blurry lakes) and more diving.

The Addiction

After a holiday on Mallorca 2011 where i was diving a lot with a friend of mine, Lars Dannenberg who was my AOW Instructor and supporting me with my diving, i planned spend my long planned sabatical (4 month) doing the Divemaster Course. I was addicted and the Course was the best way for me to dive a lot. To prepare for it i attended the Rescue Course with Georg. Another holiday on Mallorca with more dives followed.

I stranded on Cabilao, Philippines, where i was supported and mentored by Bobet Cruz (discoverer of the pygmy seahorses on Cabilao) and Roger Maurer. The both helped me to develop my diving skills in several ways.
As I decided to quit my former job I stayed another two month working in the diveshop collecting more experience. The owner offered – as both instructors did not come back for the next season – to come back as a Instructor and work for her.

The Profession

Back in Germany I did everything to get a advanced education. Before the IDC I did a internship at the diveshop conducting the IDC. I was helping with DSDs, skill circuit, and practicing a lot to improve my skills demonstation. I passed the IE with success.

October 2012 I returned to Cabilao as the new Instructor of the Resorts dive shop. With the same addiction as i left i carried on guiding dives, conducting courses and make my guest happy.

I love my profession and would never like to change it for anything else.

If you are interested to read my CV (GER / EN) and get a idea of my background use the contact-form to request the password. Available for the winter season 2015/2016.