Fiji, Vanua Levu – Taveuni, Dolphin Bay Divers, April 2016 –

Ab dem 17. April sind wir auf Fidschi und ab etwa 19.4. bei Dolphin Bay Divers Retreat tauchende Mitarbeiter. Ein kleines Abenteuer mit „Dschungelzelt“ in einem kleinen Öko-Resort im Norden der Inseln bei Vanua Levu/Taveuni.
Wir sind gespannt wie ein Flitzebogen was uns sowohl über als auch unter Wasser begegnen wird. Natürlich haben wir uns ein wenig informiert und werfen Begriffe wie „Wale“ und „Haie“ und „unberührte Riffe“ in den Raum. Inwieweit sich diese Begriffe dann in der Realität bewahrheiten, werden wir euch hier an dieser Stelle regelmäßig berichten, soweit es der Internet-Anschluss zulässt.

Für einen kleinen Vorgeschmack guckt euch einfach die Seite des Resorts an in dem hier auf den folgenen Link klickt Dolphin Bay Divers Retreat

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Thailand, Khao Lak, Sea Bees, Oktober 2015 – April 2016

Back to SOA again i will work at one of the best places with the best reputation within the west coast of Thailland. Sea Bees is not only operating a dive center, but running their own resorts and a safari boat.

I am again happy to have found a job at a well know dive operation, accelerating my late carreer, expand my experiences and prove my flexibility.

Sea Bees offers day trips to the Similan Islands as well as diving at close by wrecks. Diving in small groups (4:1) gives every diver – no matter which level – a unforgetable trip. Courses are also done in small groups. no matter if beginners or continuing education. From 10 Years up to „can you still walk“.

See you there!? If you are interested diving with me at Sea Bees Khao Lak check out their website and send me a message.

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Egypt , Coraya Divers, Marsa Alam, September 2014 – August 2015

Something totally different to what i usually do! There is different reasons to go to Egypt for a time, most important is the close proximity to Germany. For you my friends to come and visit me. There will not be many chances to have a lot of dives with me, because i will be primarily working as a instructor and not as a guide. But there is days off where we are allowed to join the diving trips.
Have a closer look on the Dive Shop Coraya Divers it is suitable to fly to Hurghada or Marsa Alam (Port Ghalib) and either stay in one of the 5 surrounding All-Ink Hotels or in Port Galib (whereever).

Happy to see some of you there!

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Germany, Berlin, May 2014 – August 2014

As i decided today, due to different reasons, i will NOT be in Mallorca in the below mentioned period. If you have any openings for a couple in SOA, Carribean, Mikronesia or else please let me know via the contact form

As soon as there is any decision made i will let you know here!

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CXL – Spain, Mallorca, Port de Pollenca, May 2014 – September 2014 -CXL

Dive with me the georgeous underwater landscapes and caves of Mallorca with PRODIVE-MALLORCA
End of June you will be able to become a certified SSI Open Water Diver (and more) with me. If you are interested in visiting me please contact me or the Diveshop linked above!

Looking forward to seeing some of you out there in the Mediterranean!

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Maledives, Ari-Atoll, Elliadhoo, August 2013 – May 2014

I am happy and proud to announce my next working place which will be at Elliadhoo located in the Alif-Alif Atoll in the Maledives. I am looking forward to work togehter with Georg and the team from Dive & Sail Maledives, Alfons Straub. Weiterlesen

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Thailand, Koh Phangan, May 2013 – August 2013

Meet me on Koh Phangan, Thailand to become a diver, or just dive with me. Looking forward to a new challenge, a new country and island. For details please contact me

If you need a PADI OWSI Speacialty Instructor (Deep, Navigation, Nitrox, Search & Recovery, Wreck, DUP) on Koh Phangan, Koh Tao or Koh Samui please contact me for my CV via contactform, or call: +66848438180.

Check my testimonials for comments of my students and guest from Cabilao Dive Center!

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Philippines, Cabilao, November 2012 – April 2013

Meet me on Cabilao Island – divers paradise with still vivid coral reefs and a intact marine life. Meet the turtle, schools of Jacks, lots of critters and nudibranchs. Photographers and Videographers will be satisfied with mainly macrolife, but also wideangle scenes. My coworkers are philippino Divemasters who find the smallest things and make you enjoy your dives!

Check in to La Estrella Beach Resort and dive with us at Cabilao Dive Center
(Facebook: La Estrella Beach Resort / Cabilao Dive Center)

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Philippines, Cabilao, November 2011 – April 2012

Cabilao Island – one of the best divespots in the world. You like makro and muck diving? You get excited about nudibranches and shrimps? You want to see the smallest searhorses in the world?
Then Cabilao is the best place to go.

Meet me doing the Divemaster Intership at Cabilao Dive Center with Eduardo „Bobet“ Cruz and Roger Maurer.

Check in to La Estrella Beach Resort and dive with us at Cabilao Dive Center
(Facebook: La Estrella Beach Resort / Cabilao Dive Center)

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